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Driven to Abstraction…

A rhapsody of intersecting silhouettes, refracted forms and a disavowal of symmetry - Greg Natale looks to the Masters of French Art Deco as inspiration for his latest Designer Rugs collection.

“There is something so arresting about French Deco, it’s always appealed to me more than its American counterpart. There’s something less fussy about French Deco and I wanted to capture that simplicity of shape and colour in this range, albeit in a very bold and arrhythmic fashion. It has allowed us to create something quite evocative and unexpected.”

Geo Deco by Greg Natale introduces eight luxurious new designs hand tufted using 100% New Zealand Wool. In the tradition of French Art Deco, Natale’s streamlined forms, brash colours and ornamentation are celebrated here with each rugs’ design expressing its character through varied pile heights, impeccable hand carving and the unexpected, alternating use of loop and cut pile.

The collection is comprised of seven rectangular designs and one round design. Designer Rugs is proud to offer size customisation, custom re-colouring and re-shaping to tailor these designs to suit the needs of your interior.

Dimensions: L3000 x W2400mm

Dimensions: L3000 x W2400mm